2066 Design

2066 Design is no nonsense, straight to the point website design company. We produce solid and reliable websites that simply work for the companies who need them.

The staff at 2066 Design have many years’ experience in website design. We formed our company to cater to the needs of the many other companies who just want to get their services directly to the public. We have the desire and ambition to match our resources and abilities. You want to move ahead, you want a website, we’ve got it.

Online design trends have been moving away from the flamboyant and towards the direct approach. There’s no longer a need to look high tech; people are aware of the times they live in, and they’re no longer impressed with tired tricks. Your company needs a website to be competitive today, but the competition is about effective service and products, not who can look fancier. If you need the right website, we have the solution.

If you’re sick of people waving their arms in some fancy song and dance and just want to start hitting nail on the head, then talk to us. We’ll solve problems and get your company on the net and to its goals as quickly and as directly as possible.

Esther Chen

Interaction Specialist

Christopher Beaumont

Storyboard Artist

Henna Moon

Graphic Designer

Sarah Han

Junior UI Designer