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People continue to use business cards because they are effective. Even in this age of fancy websites and high speed digital transfers companies still carry company cards. They are inexpensive, offer a great deal of flexibility, say a lot about a company, and simply do their job well. Like all good ideas business cards continue to stay current.

Cards are great for:

Networking – It is the simplest thing in the world to hand someone a card. Essential at conferences and tradeshows. It is strange not to have a card to hand to someone when they have handed you theirs.

What they explicitly say – A card communicates in both writing and appearance. The look of the cards says a lot about your company and approach. Your contacts details go straight into somebody’s pocket.

What they imply – A card looks professional, and shows others that you are professional. Hand people a card and they know you actively mean business.

Casual gathers – If your line of business comes up socially, hand them a card without interrupting anybody’s train of thought. The receiving party can pursue it when they wish, and you don’t have to explain yourself or line of work in the wrong context.

Missed appointments – Leave you card at a place of business- much better than a message.

We can design a business card that gets you and your company noticed. Cards can include:

Who you are and what you do. The first thing you want to get across.


A good logo can set you apart from others. The right design shows if you are a light hearted entertainer or a serious IT diagnostic.


Depends on the area of business, but if your appearance is part of what you do, include a photo.

The creative design

Also depends on the business, but a card that creatively illustrates who you are by folding into your product could be a great idea.

Company slogan

if this gets you noticed the card has achieved its goal.

And, of course, your basic contact details.

Things to Consider:

A logo

Do you already have a logo or do you need us to design one? The same logo on cards, letterhead and advertising sends a good impression about your business.

Fine paper

The physical sensation when holding a card also sends a strong message.

Gold Foil

the slick feel of the gilded element.


If the receiver keeps using your product you get more exposure.

Fridge magnets

Be put on permanent display.