Motion Graphics


"Visual effects are everything beyond what we capture in live footage."
This extends from subtle modification of photographs to imagery that is entirely computer generated.

Motion graphics and visual effects were once the exclusive domain of high end film productions. Now technology has put them within the reach of business advertisers, corporate videos and online promotions. The only limit to what we can be created with visual effects is the imagination of the creators.

2066 design focus on making engaging, informative videos, including creative visual effects and motion graphics. This can mean visual elements to dramatically enhance your website, short promo videos, or longer presentations to convey your company’s mission. The right video is a matter of having both the right creative ideas and the expertise to produce them.

We are a dedicated and knowledgeable group of creative designers who know the value of the right creative idea. And we can produce the videos and graphics that work at every level. By collaborating with clients, agencies and video firms we combine our technological resources with our creative drive, and produce what each particular client needs for their video.

We work extensively with:

  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Social Media
  • TV commercials
  • Illustrations
  • Visual effects
  • YouTube Videos
  • Training videos

There are no limits to what can be done with visual effects and motion graphics. So let us use an unlimited resource to improve your company’s position. The technology and potential are here and ready to be used.