Packaging Design

Humans use their senses when making decisions. There is appeal in the colour, shape and material of a product, and there is a lot to be said for the familiarity of products from our past. The right packaging both gets a product noticed, and helps it be remembered for future reference. Good packaging gives a quality product a competitive edge.

Practical aspects:

  • Physical protection of a transported product.
  • Air or moisture protection for a product when stored.
  • Containment for smaller products, especially if part of a set.
  • Information about contents or instruction for use.
  • Warnings for safe handling. Some products are heat or moisture sensitive.
  • Marketing – people notice logos, brand colours.
  • Security – to show that the item is new and unused.
  • Portion control- Have the exact required amount already measured in each packet.
  • Convenience for stacking or displaying.
  • Advise customers about recycling options.

Packaging communicates products and brand awareness on an emotional level, as well as serving a practical purpose. The right packaging shows the customers that you product is the solution, gets the product to the buyer safely, and stays in their mind as part of a satisfying experience. Packaging makes a quality product complete.