Stationary Design

Business cards and other advertising have their place, and they put the company message right up front. But another approach is to put the message on an item that is used every day. When items get used you company’s image gets noticed.


Most individuals use a coffee or tea cup, especially if they are office workers. And the rest of us use a cup of some other sort. Put your company mane and logo on a mug and its always at hand. Mugs and cups are available in anything from ceramic to stainless steel thermos types.


We would rather not need them, but we cannot do without an umbrella if the weather turns sour. As such an umbrella is a useful device, and useful devices get kept. Put your company on an umbrella and it will get a surprising amount of publicity.


Even as we use our portable digital devices there is still a place for pens. Pen holders, pens, and other basic writing implements frequently used and notices. It’s an old trick, but putting your company on a pen is effective. Some people will keep a pen when they would not keep a business card.


A calendar is only useful for a year, but it is seen a lot during that time. And a year’s worth of exposure is more than a lot of other advertising achieves, especially when you consider how inexpensive calendars are. Best of all, you can put a different design for each month, just in case you have trouble deciding which image to go for.


Hats made a comeback when people woke up to the dangers of sunburn. But unlike the hats of a generation ago modern caps are expected to say something. Use this to your advantage, and put your company on somebody’s head. Be on display, and be part of the fashion culture.

Key Ring

Key Rings and an old idea, but people like them. Combine the idea with a mini-torch, a bottle opener or any other novelty.